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  1. Doubting the honesty of your other half? Cheated by a business partner? Want to know who she’s texting with on WhatsApp and Facebook? Do you want to see correspondence?

    No pre-payment. Payment only after the result

    All you need to provide – a phone number is tied to WhatsApp
    You will read via a separate app WhatsApp business

    Whatsapp 200$
    Facebook – $200
    WhatsApp + Facebook $350

    Also provide additional services:
    – Location Determination – $150
    – Recording phone calls during the day – $500
    – Call history per month – 200$
    – Receiving and forwarding you sms from other services – $150 per sms

    (Note, we do not forward sms from paypal, banks and other financial services. Nothing that could lead to loss of money or scamming.)

    – Clicks on competitors’ Google ads (we can remove your competitor from Google search ads by destroying their ad budget)

    Сontact us:
    Our telegram: @Honestrelationships
    Our e-mail: honestrelationships@onionmail.com

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